Shiny Button Welcome to the Shiny button tutorial. This tutorial was designed to teach you how to create simple shiny buttons for your web page. If you need help with it, or find it confusing, don’t hesitate to e-mail me, the information is at the bottom of the page. Note:

This tutorial requires Illustrator 8.0 and above.

Don’t have time to read this tutorial now? Click here to download the .pdf version of this tutorial. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)


1 Select the Ellipse Tool (). Hold down the Shift key (this creates a perfect circle), click and drag out a circle. From the Swatches palette ( Window>Show> Swatches ) choose the red color as the fill color, and set the stroke to none.

2 Select the circle with the Selection Tool ( ) if it is not already selected. From the main menu choose Object>Create Gradient Mesh . Set the Rows to 4 , the Columns to 4 , the Appearance to To Center , and the Highlight to 60% . Click OK . Your button should now look like the image to the left.
  3 Select the Direct Selection Tool () from the toolbar. Click on the top-left anchor point in the grid. (as seen to the left) In the Swatches palette, click on the white square. You’ve just colored the area underneath the top-left anchor point to simulate the illusion of shininess.
4 Select the Ellipse Tool ( ) from the toolbar. Place your cursor in the center of the first circle. Hold Alt + Shift while dragging out a circle with a radius little bit bigger than the first. Add a stroke of 2 pts to this new circle. With the arrow keys on your keyboard nudge the new  selected circle a few points down and to the right. Create a gradient that goes from red to white. Select the Gradient Tool from the toolbar, click, drag, and release from the top left of the circle to the bottom right.

Right-click on the circle, from the menu choose Arrange>Send To Back .

5 Select the Type Tool from the toolbar. Click in the center of the button. Choose Arial Black as the font type and make it Bold . Click the white square in the Swatches palette to make the text white.

With the text selected, hold down the Alt key and click and drag the original text a few points down and to the right. Release the text. Click on the black square in the Swatches palette. Now right click on the text, from the menu choose Arrange>Send Backward

Your final result should look like this, congrats, you’re done!

Discussion If you have any questions, or there are any steps that I can further elaborate on, don’t hesitate to e-mail me using the information below.

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